Monday, August 9, 2010

For a friend.

When you feel that the air around you becomes thicker and it gets harder to breathe. You feel that time is slipping away and wonder did you pass by chance already? Did you just walked by it or was it you who let your life or chance pass you by.

The feeling of regret creeps upon you. Why did you choose this path instead of the other. Where would you be if you took the other road. But you live in reality and must live with the fact that you made your choice. You are where you are because you dictated your own life. Not somebody else. Nobody coerced or forced you into choosing you directions.

You wake up each day wondering what will the day bring. Will it be a good day or should you just stay in bed and let it pass? Gamble your day with idleness to avoid the probability of having to face a bad day.

But because you realize that that is no way to live a life albeit the fact that sometimes you think that this isn't the life you would want to lead. You get up anyways, you get yourself ready, face the mirror to prepare yourself to face the world, perhaps even to make yourself feel better.

You go through the day feeling that you need to slay a dragon or just knowing that there will be challenges ahead. You know that everyday brings upon a new challenge or more. Like most people you rise above it and look at it as a job well done. But sometimes, just sometimes some challenges try to break you. Sometimes it may feel like they've broken you already. You whine and moan about it but the wonderful thing about you is that you hide it so well. In your laughter, your jokes... Then sometimes, just sometimes it will be too hard to bear and you cry on your own.

Just remember one thing. You have people who loves you and who will be there when the times gets a little bit too much to bear, when everything just doesn't seem the way it expect it to turn out. While we all try to be at peace with ourselves as we navigate our lives, we have each other to turn to. To share bad days, bad moments, fights with the significant others as well as just to share frozen-yogurt, have lunches or just hang out. You have a friend in me.

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